Contractor payments

All contractors must lodge pay claims online using ASTP Online.

Information on how to lodge pay claims can be found at ASTP Online for Contractors User Guide (PDF 3.2MB).

Contractors must ensure that they submit correctly completed pay claims after the completion of the last service for that month.

Pay claims that are not submitted correctly will be considered incomplete resulting in a delay in payment. Claims may be refused if they are outside a 12-month period from when the service was provided.

Contractors are not required to work on pupil-free days. Where a contractor has claimed payment for a pupil-free day, payment for that day will not be processed by ASTP.

Contract payments are made monthly with the ASTP Agreement (PDF 493KB) requiring payment within 28 days from the date of receipt of the pay claim.

If you experience technical difficulties, please email

A loaded kilometre rate means an all-inclusive rate which includes all costs associated with performing the service and shall commence at collection of the first student and cease at the drop-off of the last student.

Unloaded kilometres means no students on transport.

Pricing is based on the number of loaded kilometres (when students are present in the vehicle) taking into account the required vehicle category and whether an Assisted Travel Support Officer (ATSO) is present.

Kilometre Review

The ASTP will consider adjustments made by the contractor to the loaded kilometres determined by Google Maps if the contractor believes that the loaded kilometres determined are less or more than the actual loaded kilometres travelled.

The contractor will need to submit a Kilometre Review request via ASTP Online.

If the ASTP agrees with the submission from the contractor, a new loaded kilometre distance will be allocated to the run and this will then become the basis for payment.

Should a contractor believe that they have not had a fair hearing, they may request a review of the decision using the complaints procedure specified in Section 16 of the ASTP Agreement (PDF 493KB).

ATSO vehicle rate for contractors

The department has issued a rate for contractors who are required to transport an Assisted Travel Support Officer (ATSO). The rate is based on a 15% loading applied to the loaded kilometres travelled by the contractor.

The loading rate applies only to the loaded kilometres and does not apply to the minimum payment of 30 kilometres.

The ATSO rate is payable to all contractors with runs where an ATSO is allocated and travels with the assigned student(s). There will be no adjustment to the ATSO rate for temporary student absences of up to 20 consecutive business days.

When an ATSO is no longer required on a run, the contractor will be notified by the ASTP. The run card will be re-issued with the rate changed to the relevant category at a non-ATSO rate.

Contracted schedule of payment rates

Departmental rates for the supply of transport services include consideration of a contractor's:

  • capital costs
  • running costs
  • administrative costs
  • distances travelled for unloaded kilometres
  • minor additional distances anticipated through mapping factors
  • potential road transit conditions that may affect the total distance travelled.

2024 ASTP Scheme schedule of rates (PDF 406KB)

Transport rates for runs with and without an Assisted Travel Support Officer (ATSO) during Term 1 and 2


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