Application process

To apply for assisted school travel, parents must complete Part A of the application form and submit it to the school.

Image: The diagram illustrates the student application journey.

Step 1: School and parents complete necessary forms

  • Assess whether your child may be eligible for assisted school travel
  • Download and complete the application, variation or change request form
  • Provide supporting documentation:
    • Formal advice of student placement (government schools only)
    • Evidence of enrolment in support class
    • Disability confirmation sheet
    • Employment details including hours of work, start and finish times
    • Medical certificates (where applicable)
    • Parent TAFE or university timetable (where applicable)
    • Shared care request form (where applicable)
    • Risk management, behaviour and or health care plans (where applicable)
    • Other relevant information e.g. mechanical reports, licence suspensions, court orders (where applicable)

Step 2: School principal makes recommendation

  • School submits completed application with supporting documentation to the ASTP

Step 3: ASTP Central Processing team

  • checks all documents are included
  • checks all details are provided
  • contacts parents to conduct a phone interview with follow-up information (ASTP's phone number will appear as a private number)

Step 4: Assessment and decision

  • Application sent to ASTP Logistics and Education teams for assessment and decision

Step 5: Notify outcome

  • Application: parent advised by letter, and if approved, the school sent an updated run card.
  • Variation/change request: school advised.

2024 Applications for Assisted School Travel

  • 13 September 2024 is the last day that the ASTP will accept student applications and variations for 2024 (excludes changes to permanent residential addresses and contact details).
  • 15 November 2024 is the last date the ASTP will make changes to permanent residential addresses and contact details for the 2024 school year.

2025 Applications for Assisted School Travel

  • 23 July 2024 is the first day that the ASTP will accept new student applications for 2025.
  • 18 October 2024 is the last day that the ASTP can guarantee that 2025 student applications will be assessed in time and school transport arrangements made for the 2025 school year.

What happens next

Where possible ASTP will assess each application within seven (7) working days.

If your child’s application is approved, ASTP will organise the transport arrangements for your child. Before transport commences the contractor/driver will contact you regarding pick up and drop off times to and from your child's school. Parents can access more information about starting transport, their responsibilities and any changes to approved travel arrangements.

If your child's application is unsuccessful or their variation is declined, you can submit an appeal within 30 days of the date on the letter you receive declining your child's application for transport.

Business Unit:

  • Student Support and Specialist Programs
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