Safety vests

Safety vests help improve the safety and identification of Assisted Travel Support Officers (ATSOs) in assisting students travelling to and from school.

Caring for the vest

The ATSO is responsible for ensuring the vest is kept clean and free from odour. At the end of the week the ATSO should take the vest home for washing with care in accordance with the instructions on the label.

It is important for the ATSO to maintain a professional image at all times while they are representing the Department of Education.

Vests should remain in the vehicle with the exception of ATSOs travelling in taxis where the ATSO can take the vest home.

Vests should be kept in the vehicle in the event that an ATSO is unable to fulfil their duties on the day and the vest is required to be worn by another ATSO.

Replacing damaged or misplaced vests

When a vest has been damaged or misplaced by an ATSO, a new vest will be issued. Should an ATSO continually misplace their vest, they may have to pay for the replacement vest.

Returning the vest

When an ATSO is no longer employed with the ASTP, the ATSO must return the vest to the contractor. If an ATSO does not return the vest, the $20 cost of the vest will be deducted from the ATSO's final payment.

Ordering vests

Contractors can place orders for ATSO safety vests.

To find out the last days to submit the order form, check the key dates.


  • The vests are not to be worn outside work
  • The vests are one-size-fits-all and can be worn closed or open
  • The design and appearance of the vest is not to be modified in any way
  • ATSOs cannot write their name on the vest, fix a logo, words or image of any kind.

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