ASTP and the NDIS

Transport through the ASTP is provided as an in-kind support for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants who are eligible to receive an ASTP service.

Quick facts

  • ASTP is funded by the NSW Government, not the NDIS.
  • ASTP is a NSW government program managed through the NSW Department of Education.
  • ASTP is not a NDIS-registered service provider.
  • ASTP has a set of criteria that must be met by both parents/carers and students. This is the case even if a student is a NDIS participant.
  • Funding for school transport in a NDIS plan will have a notional dollar amount indicated.
  • ASTP provides a service to eligible students with disability enrolled at NSW government and non-government schools as an in-kind support to NDIS.
  • School transport provided by ASTP is managed by ASTP. Neither NDIS nor parents can manage this service through a student's NDIS plan.
  • ASTP continues to operate under the same contract agreement and guidelines that have been in place prior to the rollout of NDIS in NSW.
  • ASTP does not have access to information regarding individual NDIS plans.
  • The ASTP provides travel support services primarily from a student's permanent place of residence to school and return.

Download the ASTP and NDIS fact sheet and the infographic (PDF 151.64KB).

Assisted School Travel Program infographic
Image: Assisted School Travel Program infographic

About NDIS and ASTP

On 1 July 2018, the NDIS became fully operational in NSW. However, the ASTP continues to provide in-kind assisted travel between home and school for eligible students.

It is important to note that ASTP continues to operate under existing state government arrangements whilst governments across all state and territories examine future transport options, including those for NDIS participants.

Transport requests for NDIS-registered services before or after school ? such as respite, after school programs, therapy or community access ? should be discussed first with the student's Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator or the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Refer to s12 of the NDIS Operational Guideline. Parents may wish to provide additional information relevant to their child's NDIS plan to support their application.

Requests for variations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If schools need additional support or advice on possible variations involving NDIS and assisted school travel you can contact ASTP on telephone 1300 338 278 and ask for the Education Team or email

NDIS participants may have inaccurate information in their plans indicating that specialised transport is provided by the ASTP to outside school activities such as community activities and employment, and that it is prepaid by the Australian Government and represents all of their school transport needs.

Funding for school transport will be represented by a notional dollar amount in their NDIS support plan. Parents and carers cannot manage this service through their child's NDIS support plan.

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