Professional learning for schools

High impact professional learning

Policy advice to support school principals and leadership teams to establish cycles of continuous professional learning for all school staff.

Mandatory training for schools

Mandatory training for all school staff to comply with departmental and legislative requirements.

Professional learning resources

Resources to support professional learning including MyPL, the Evaluation resource hub, Pre-service teacher resources and information for principals and school-leaders.


Scan is a peer refereed online journal offering articles about quality learning, teaching ideas, research and emerging trends.

Priority professional learning selector

A curated list of widely accessible professional learning for teachers and school leaders.

Professional learning for non-teaching staff

Information about professional learning for non-teaching staff, including links to structured programs on offer and helpful resources to support you in your role.

Teacher quality and accreditation

Practical information around teacher standards and accreditation, induction with strong start great teachers and professional learning.

Quality Teaching Model

The Quality Teaching Model provides a pedagogical framework for teachers' professional self-reflection and school improvement practices, supported by Quality Teaching Rounds professional development.

Quality assurance for professional learning

Support for the quality assurance and approval of professional learning from the department.

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