What do we need in life?

Life Ready – Relationships learning context – 60 minute independent learning resource for students

This resource is one of a collection of student independent learning resources prepared for the Life Ready course.

These have been written for students. Teachers can provide students with access to these resources for independent learning or learning from home. They could also be used in combination with the teacher delivery resources. Resources are available in two forms:

  • downloadable word documents for each activity which can be printed as booklets or used by students for accessing and recording their learning
  • online interactive activities allowing students to engage with each activity online.


This learning and teaching activitiy is an optional support material for the implementation of Life Ready.

Materials should be reviewed in full and endorsed by the school principal before use.


Students will:

  • recognise their current spending habits and what influences their spending
  • develop a budget to allow for necessary spending and saving
  • recognise simple saving strategies and use goal setting and financial literacy skills to create a savings plan for a future event.

Download teaching resource

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What do we need in life?

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