Planning for the future

Life Ready – Mental health and wellbeing learning context – 25 minute activity for face to face teacher delivery

This resource is one of a collection of learning and teaching activities prepared for the Life Ready course.

These have been written for teachers to deliver the activities in face to face learning through timetabled lessons, seminars or on camp. Teaching notes and resources are included.


This learning and teaching activitiy is an optional support material for the implementation of Life Ready.

Materials should be reviewed in full and endorsed by the school principal before use.


Students will:

  • reflect on the meaning and purpose in their lives, and to set goals that reflect this
  • think more broadly than just educational and career goals, and also plan for goals related to their health, wellbeing and personal aspects of their lives.

Rather than focus on what they want to be when they leave school, this activity will give students the opportunity to think about who they want to be.

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