Getting ready for primary school

A positive start to school will help your child engage well with their peers and teachers and set them up for academic and social success.

Welcome to 'big school'

Starting school is a big milestone for children and their families. The transition between learning environments can be both challenging and exciting.

Help your child through the transition by:

  • encouraging them to explore their feelings

  • helping them connect to their school

  • supporting them in building friendships and relationships

  • empowering them to build their confidence and independence.

Support your child to transition to primary school with our Getting ready for primary school guide.

Finding and enrolling in a school

Schools can help with enrolment questions throughout the year. You may need to attend an interview with the principal. There you can discuss any disability or additional learning and support needs, medical conditions, or other special circumstances before your child starts school.

The school may work with you to develop a personalised learning and support plan, health care plan or a behaviour support plan to best support your child..

Looking for the right school? Use the School Finder tool to search all our public schools.

Need help enrolling your child in primary school? Refer to Primary school enrolment for more information.

Getting ready for primary school guide

Explore our Getting ready for primary school guide as your child begins their school journey.

Image: Download our 'Getting ready for primary school' guide.

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