Connection to Country

Help your child learn about Aboriginal Peoples connection to Country and help them complete their own Acknowledgement of Country.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been here for tens of thousands of years and are the Ongoing Custodians of our land. Each unique group has its own culture, language and lores.

During their time at school, your child will increase their knowledge and understanding of the histories, cultures and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Peoples of Australia.

Learning about this rich history and culture can help students understand cultural differences and show respect for diversity.

What is Country?

Aboriginal Peoples have a strong and lasting connection with their land and water, known as Country. This profoundly spiritual connection links them to their land and ancestors and creates a sense of belonging and identity. Despite the challenges of colonisation and forced removal, Aboriginal Peoples have managed to maintain this sacred connection.

Your child can learn about Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander history and cultures by:

  • finding out whose Country their home is on

  • finding out whose Country their school is on

  • writing down an Acknowledgement of Country

  • learning some words of the local Aboriginal language by consulting with the local Aboriginal community.

What is an Acknowledgement of Country?

Acknowledging Country is a way for us to remind ourselves that we live and go to school on Aboriginal lands and take the time to pay our respects to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people of generations past and present for continuing to take care of our land, earth, skies and seas. It is a statement of recognition of the Traditional Owners of the land. It is a way to show respect for Aboriginal peoples, cultures and heritage and the ongoing relationship the Traditional Custodians have with the land.

Activity - Acknowledgement of Country

Help your child complete their Acknowledgement of Country for their school’s land.

Find out whose Country your school is on.


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