Helpful tips to start high school

What to check off your list before your child embarks on their high school journey.

At high school orientation

  • Does your child have allergies or a health condition? If so, let your school know at orientation or as soon as you can.

  • Find out whether your child will need a device such as a laptop. If you are buying a device, check the recommended minimum needs with your school.

  • Learn how you can become involved in the school.

  • Find out the school start and finish times.

  • Find out about any transition to high school program available.

  • Ask about the specialist staff your child can talk to if needed – such as the Year 7 adviser or the Aboriginal Educational Officer.

Before Term 1 starts

  • Buy school uniforms, appropriate shoes and socks, books, stationery, school bag, drink bottle, house key and any other supplies.

  • Label everything.

  • Follow your school and the department on social media to get relevant updates.

  • Provide your current contact details to the school.

  • Talk positively to your child about the move to high school. Ask them what’s exciting about high school. Does anything worry them?

  • Provide your child with money and your contact numbers in case of emergencies.

  • Make sure you save the school’s phone number.


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