Getting involved with your child's school

Getting involved in your child's school can be a rewarding experience. Parents and carers are critical in the learning journey and are always welcome to participate in school activities.

Parents and Citizens’ (P&C) Associations

P&C Associations work in partnership with their school principal and the community to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents and carers, citizens, students and school staff into close cooperation.

P&Cs support schools in a variety of ways including:

  • school planning and policy development

  • financial planning and fundraising

  • facilities and equipment provision

  • promoting the recreation and wellbeing of students

  • running school functions and events

  • support with the running of canteens, uniform shops and out-of-school-hours care [OOSHC].

All parents, carers and guardians of students enrolled at the school, and community members are eligible to join the school’s P&C Association. The principal is also a member of the school’s P&C Association.

By working together with the school and with a shared purpose, the best possible outcomes for students can be achieved.

P&C Federation NSW – Partnership Agreement 2023-2033

The valuable role of parents in helping students achieve their learning potential has been recognised with the first formal partnership agreement between the department and the P&C Federation NSW.

Productive partnerships between schools and P&C Associations ensure school communities are strengthened and the collective voice of parents and carers is heard and valued.

Find out more about the Partnership Agreement.

How to find out more and get involved

  • Ask your school or check your school’s website/newsletter for information about their P&C Association and when they meet
  • Go along to a P&C Association meeting to meet the members to find out more
  • If you can’t attend all meetings, you can still get involved by volunteering at or attending events or fundraisers – ask your P&C Association what opportunities there are
  • If you want to raise an issue for discussion at a meeting, find out how to do this by reaching out to a current member of the P&C Association or your principal.

P&C Associations and parent feedback

For feedback and suggestions about your child’s education, parents and carers are encouraged to contact the school first. If the matter isn’t resolved, please visit Complaints Compliments and Suggestions for information on the steps that you can take.

Feedback including suggestions and compliments about services that are run or managed by the P&C Association at your school, for example out of school hours care [OOSHC], should be directed to the P&C Association in the first instance.

P&C Federation NSW

The Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales (referred to as P&C Federation) is the peak body for P&C Associations in NSW. They provide advice, support and advocacy for member associations.

The P&C Federation’s functions include:

  • promoting public education and facilitating community involvement

  • promoting the interests of students, and parents of students, enrolled at NSW public schools

  • working with the department and community in relation to matters involving public education

  • helping member P&C Associations carry out their functions and activities.

To set up a P&C Association at your school consider raising the idea with your school Principal first and also visit the P&C Federation NSW website for supporting resources.

Parents & Carers Hub

P&C Federation supports parents and carers to engage with their child’s education. Their Parents and Carers Hub provides a range of resources, webinars and community forums for support.

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