P&C Federation NSW – Partnership Agreement 2023-2033

The NSW Department of Education and the P&C Federation NSW signed a formal partnership agreement [PDF 0.97MB] highlighting the strong, ongoing working relationship between both organisations.

"Together, we will strengthen collaboration between schools, P&C Associations and their school communities so that all students experience a high quality and equitable education throughout their learning journey."
Murat Dizdar, Secretary, NSW Department of Education

The Agreement underpins and reinforces the importance of parents in their child’s education and supports the way schools, P&C Associations and parents and carers work together to ensure students achieve their potential through public education.

Strong, meaningful partnerships across education communities - between students, parent and carers, teachers, educators, school and department staff - foster engagement and positive learning and wellbeing outcomes.

Productive partnerships between schools and P&C Associations ensure:

  • students benefit from the school’s planned and proactive engagement with parents/ carers and the broader community

  • student learning is enriched by positive connections between schools, parents, carers and community

  • parent participation in their child’s education is supported

  • the collective voice of parents and carers is heard and valued

  • the work of P&C Associations in school communities is recognised

  • school communities are strengthened and engaged

  • a shared vision is cultivated across the school community.


  • School operations


  • Educational communication

Business Unit:

  • Learning Improvement
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