Interim Transition 6 to 7 Cohort

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Data Source: Check-in assessment Year 6 – Reading and Numeracy, Term 3

Updated: Student results visible based on ERN registration status changes (updated nightly) throughout Term 4.

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Principals, school leaders, and teachers can use this report to explore how the incoming Year 7 cohort for the next calendar year has performed by Domain and Key learning areas:

Numeracy: Measurement and geometry, Number Sense and algebra, Statistics and probability.

Reading: Comprehension, Processes, Vocabulary.

Directors, Educational Leadership, and Executive Directors can view all schools within their network.


How can I use this report?

This report allows schools to analyse incoming cohort scores in each key learning area of the Term 3 Year 6 Check-in assessment.

It will display students with ‘Applied to enrol’ ERN registration status at the time of viewing the report in term 4.

Secondary schools may sort the report or export the data to Excel and sort scores to review student groups by check-in performance.

What should I look for?

The report provides cohort performance by key learning area and score. It allows you to identify incoming cohort strengths and areas for growth as well as students who may need support in specific areas.

Please note that results will not appear for students whose status is not “Applied to enrol” at the time of viewing the report or for students who did not complete the Term 3 Year 6 Check-in assessment.

Image: Example of Interim Transition 6 to 7 Cohort report


This report extends beyond the initial page view and its entire length can be viewed by scrolling in your browser window.

Using the report

Select the results you want

The slicers at the top of the report allow you to select the results you want to be displayed.

Image: The selection slicers
  • Step 1 is required for data to be shown in the report. Select a school. Check you have the scholastic year.
  • Step 2 is optional and allows for further refining by enrolment groups, EAL/D, Gender and/or Aboriginality if you want to do so.

If you do not make any selections in Step 2, the report will continue to show all results available to you under each of these categories.

Student Score for Domain

This table displays the selected students with their score for Key learning areas of the assessment. Clicking on the three dots, ellipsis, allows you to sort the students by name, score and max possible score. To sort by key learning area score, you can export data to excel.

Image: An example of Student Score by Domain

Students without Results

The Students without Results table shows details of enrolled students where no Check-in Year 6 data is available for the chosen domain. This table can be exported if required.

Image: Example of Students without Results by Domain

Export data

You can download the results in this report for further analysis using the ‘More Options’ tab, which appears when you hover above the top right of some charts. Click on the three dots, or ellipsis, to bring up the menu, then select ‘Export data’.

Image: Exporting data

Reset to default

If you wish to remove selections you have made and return to the initial view of the report, select ‘Reset to default’.

Image: Reset to default

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