What is high impact professional learning?

The High Impact Professional Learning (HIPL) model is a set of 5 elements, informed by global research, that support the professional growth of all teaching staff to strengthen teaching practice to improve student growth and performance.

Image: The 5 elements of the High Impact Professional Learning model

Download the HIPL overview poster (PDF 1141 KB)

Download the HIPL model summary poster (PDF 1844 KB)

The HIPL model is embedded in the department’s Professional learning for teachers and school staff procedure. The procedure supports teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff in their ongoing development, which is critical to the progress and achievement of every student, teacher and school.

Professional learning is a key enabler across the Learning, Teaching and Leading domains in the department’s School Excellence Framework which states that:

"In schools that excel, professional learning is informed by the professional needs of teachers and aligned with the Strategic Improvement Plan. Its impact on the quality of teaching and student learning outcomes is evaluated. There are explicit systems for collaboration and feedback to sustain quality teaching practice.” (School Excellence Framework v3)

High Impact Professional Learning to support student growth and performance

The cycle of professional learning for principals, executive, teachers and non-school based teachers, which focuses on deepening teaching practice for ongoing growth in student learning, is underpinned by 5 elements outlined in the High Impact Professional Learning model.

The 5 HIPL elements are:

For information about how professional learning should be incorporated into the school strategic planning process, access the Enhancing teacher capabilities page on the School Excellence in Action website.

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