Leading HIPL e-learning

An e-learning module for school leadership teams, designed to deepen understanding and capability to lead and build a High Impact Professional Learning school environment.

About the module

Leading High Impact Professional Learning is a self-paced online module designed to support school leaders and their leadership teams to lead and build High Impact Professional Learning (HIPL) environments in their school.

This e-learning supports the implementation of the Professional Learning for Teachers and School Staff Policy, effective from the beginning of the 2021 school year.

Learning intentions

  • Unpack concepts included in the department’s Professional Learning Policy for Teachers and School Staff, including the High Impact Professional Learning (HIPL) model
  • prepare school leaders to build HIPL environments in their school using tools such as the HIPL School self-assessment tool
  • support school leadership teams to implement professional learning policy and align professional learning with strategic improvement planning.

Adult learning designed to build the capability of school leadership teams

This module embeds adult learning principles to provide opportunities for collaboration and application of learning in a real-world context. Other adult learning principles include:

  • problem-centred – participants reflect on current practice and consider improvements
  • relevant and of immediate use and provides opportunities to apply learning in real world contexts – supports immediate implementation of new policy implementation for use now in all NSW Public Schools
  • provides opportunities for participants to demonstrate understanding through practical application – HIPL Planning workbook means that as learning is happening, participants are formulating their ‘action plan’
  • encourages or facilitates reflection on how learning can be applied in the school – includes reflection activities and conversation starters that can be applied easily
  • explores both content and process – unpacks the research on best practice and provides clear advice on PL processes in the school environment
  • includes ongoing school-based activities such as coaching and mentoring – assists principals in building leadership capability through authentic enquiry processes and when having coaching conversations with DELs or PSLs.

Who should enrol?

The module is designed for anyone who has a role in leading professional learning in a NSW Public school. This may include principals, members of school leadership teams and aspiring leaders. Principals may choose to complete the e-learning in collaboration with their school leadership team and complete the workbook activities in groups.

How to enrol

Access Leading High Impact Professional Learning on MyPL. (Course code NR50205)

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