Unit 6 – I want to go to the zoo

Unit title

I want to go to the zoo

동물원에 가고 싶어요

Course books and workbooks

Unit 6 course book (PDF 4.78 MB)

Unit 6 course book – audio (PDF 17054 KB)

Unit 6 workbook (PDF 3.61 MB)

Unit 6 workbook – audio (PDF 13 MB)

Answers and transcripts are included in the course books and work books.

Audio files are available only in the pdf portfolio files.


  • Naming some animals
  • Naming the parts of the body
  • Asking what someone wants to do
  • Expressing what you want to do
  • Making arrangements for a meeting: day, date, time and place
  • Asking and saying where something is
  • Describing physical appearances
  • Saying what someone is doing
  • Naming your birth year animal and describing it
  • Reading and writing a description using some descriptive verbs and adjectives

Vocabulary and expressions

  • More action verbs
  • -하고싶어요. –하고 싶어해요, -하고 있어요. 만날까요?
  • Names of some animals
  • Describing words – 귀여워요, 무서워요, 뚱뚱해요, 멋있어요, 예뻐요, 커요, 작아요, 길어요, 짧아요 and so on
  • Body parts – 귀, 눈, 코, 몸, 날개, 입, 다리, 꼬리
  • Questions – 이번 주말에 뭐 하고 싶어요? 왜요? 언제 어디에서 만날까요? 10시는 어때요? 무엇을 보고 싶어요? 무슨 동물을 좋아해요? 어디에 있어요?


  • To wish/want – verb stem + ~고 싶어요.
  • To suggest – verb stem + ~ㄹ 까요?
  • Day/date/time + + Place + 에서 만나요.
  • Locations – ~은/는/이/가 앞, 옆, 뒤, 위, 아래 + 에 있어요
  • Korean particles
  • Person/animal 은/는 describing words
  • Person/animal 은/는 body part 이/가 describing words.
  • Progressions – verb stem + ~고 있다.

Games and songs

ICT project

  • My alien pet – imaging, draw and describe an alien imaginary pet
  • Interview with my alien pet

Socio-cultural information

  • Koreans’ favourite animals – 돼지, 용, 거북이, 까지, 호랑이
  • 12 birth year animals – (띠 – 12 가지 동물)
  • Popular Korean folk tales (stories with animals) – 콩쥐팥쥐, 토끼의 간, 흥부놀부, 소가 된 게으름뱅이


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  • Educational Standards
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