Hangeul unit – Let's learn Hangeul

Unit title

Let’s learn Hangeul


Course books and workbooks

Hangeul course book (PDF 5135 KB)

Hangeul coursebook – audio (PDF 4124 KB)

Hangeul workbook (PDF 3468 KB)

Hangeul workbook – audio (PDF 5567 KB)

Answers and transcripts are included in the coursebooks and workbooks.

Audio files are available only in the pdf portfolio files.


  • Recognising and identify Korean vowels and consonants
  • Reading and writing Korean syllables
  • Writing your name in Korean
  • Typing short words and useful expressions in Korean

Vocabulary and expressions

  • Simple vowels and consonants
  • Double consonants
  • Korean loan words
  • Hangeul chart


  • Vowel combination
  • Syllabic construction
  • Batchim
  • Basic pronunciation rules

Games and songs

  • Vowel song
  • Tongue twisters
  • Hangeul rap battle
  • Sogon sogon game
  • Game – make the Korean letters with your body
  • Bingo
  • Picture puzzle
  • Sadari game

ICT project

  • Learn to use Korean keyboard
  • Make a special card for someone in Korean

Socio-cultural information

  • The Korean alphabet, Hangeul 한글
  • Cultural spotlight – traditional Korean costumes and accessories


  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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