Unit 1 – Hello, I am Susie

Unit title

Hello, I am Susie

안녕하세요, 저는 수지예요

Course books and workbooks

Unit 1 course book (PDF 2731KB)

Unit 1 course book – audio (PDF 3150KB)

Unit 1 workbook (PDF 1374KB)

Unit 1 workbook – audio (PDF 4343KB)

Answers and transcripts are included in the coursebooks and workbooks.

Audio files are available only in the pdf portfolio files.


  • Greeting people
  • Asking someone their name
  • Telling someone your name
  • Addressing family members
  • Asking where someone lives
  • Saying where you live
  • Asking someone their nationality
  • Saying your nationality
  • Reading and writing a simple self-introduction

Vocabulary and expressions

  • Greetings
  • Family members
  • Name of places
  • Name of countries
  • Nationalities
  • 아, 그래요
  • 네/아니요
  • Questions
  • 이름이 뭐예요? 누구예요? 어디에 살아요? 어느 나라 사람이에요?


  • Noun 예요/이에요
  • Noun 은/는
  • To say where a person lives – subject 은/는 place 에/에서 살아요.

Games and songs

ICT project

  • My profile
  • Mini-research project on my name and Korean names – story behind my name and research popular Korean names

Socio-cultural information

  • Korean greetings
  • Addressing people in Korean
  • Sino-Korean and pure Korean words
  • Cultural spotlight – Let’s learn about Korea!


  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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