Unit 2 – I’m learning Korean

Unit title

I’m learning Korean

한국어 배워요

Course books and workbooks

Unit 2 course book (PDF 4317 KB)

Unit 2 course book – audio (PDF 5962 KB)

Unit 2 workbook (PDF 2860 KB)

Unit 2 workbook – audio (PDF 3796 KB)

Answers and transcripts are included in the coursebooks and workbooks.

Audio files are available only in the pdf portfolio files.


  • Naming classroom objects
  • Asking and saying who things belong to
  • Asking and saying where something is
  • Asking and saying what is in a school bag
  • Asking and saying in which year someone is at school
  • Counting from 1-10
  • Asking and saying which period a particular subject takes place
  • Naming some language subjects
  • Following classroom instructions
  • Reading and writing classroom objects

Vocabulary and expressions

  • Classroom objects
  • Colours
  • Language subjects
  • Sino Korean numbers
  • School year, class, period
  • Time marker, today 오늘
  • Classroom instructions
  • Questions – 이것은/저것은 뭐예요? 누구 가방이에요? 가방 안에 뭐가 있어요? 몇 학년이에요? 오늘 한국어 수업이 있어요? 몇 교시에 있어요?


  • Noun 이/가
  • 있다 (to exist)/없다
  • Noun

Games and songs

  • Board game
  • Tongue twister
  • Colour song
  • Memory game
  • Miming in action

ICT project

  • Blogging to introduce your Korean language class
  • Creating a poster to show some interesting facts about school life in Korea, in Australia or in both countries – using interactive multimedia tools

Socio-cultural information

  • The most popular number in Korea
  • Classroom instructions in Korean/in Korea
  • Cultural spotlight – the Korean school system, the compulsory school years, the learning style of Korean students, and class captain


  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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