Dance 7–10

Students learn about dance as an artform through the interrelated practices of performance, composition and appreciation. They use the dancing body, the elements of dance and relationships to express ideas creatively and analyse dance works.

Dance 7–10 Syllabus (2023)

These resources can be used by dance classroom teachers and/or school leaders to support teachers with effective implementation of the Dance 7–10 Syllabus (2023).

They have been developed to assist teachers in NSW Department of Education schools to create learning that is contextualised to their classroom. They can be used as a basis for the teacher’s own programs, assessment, or scope and sequences, or used as an example of how the new curriculum could be implemented. The resources may be adjusted by teacher to meet the strengths and needs of their students.

Scope and sequences

Sample scope and sequences provide an overview of how to structure teaching and learning programs for dance in stages 4 and 5. Knowledge, understanding and skills are built through engagement with the 3 focus areas of performance, composition and appreciation.

All NSW public schools need to plan curriculum and develop teaching programs consistent with the Education Act 1990 (NSW) and the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabuses and credentialing requirements.

Scope and sequences form part of the ongoing documentation or evidence schools maintain to comply with the department’s policy, policy standards and registration requirements.

Developing a robust scope and sequence has many benefits and may help teachers and schools to:

  • promote high expectations for student learning
  • identify opportunities for explicit teaching
  • create opportunities for students to receive feedback on their learning
  • systematically plan for and undertake assessment
  • collect and use data to monitor achievements and identify gaps in learning
  • differentiate curriculum delivery to meet the needs of students at different levels of achievement
  • collaborate with other teachers to plan for quality teaching and learning.

Dance 7–10 Syllabus (2003)

Sample scope and sequence

The sample 200hr Stage 5 scope and sequence document provides teachers with an overview for programming and assessment in Years 9 and 10 dance.

Sample 200hr Stage 5 scope and sequence document (DOCX 81.87 KB)

Sample assessment tasks

A summative research task (DOCX 55 KB) for the Pioneers of modern dance lesson sequence. Students answer set questions and present their responses in a chosen format.

Elements of dance

Classroom posters for 7–10 (PDF 1983 KB) dance including the elements of dance, the compositional process, safe dance practice and the elements of movement.

Dance and technology

The Stage 5 Dance and technology resource is a comprehensive program where students investigate how technology can transform dance, with a focus on creating a dance film.

The assessment task requires students to compose, film and edit a dance film. It can be used alongside the sample dance and technology program.


CApture student filmmaking

Writing about performance

A Stage 5 resource to develop students' skills in writing critically, descriptively and reflectively about performance in dance and drama.

To access this resource visit writing about performance.

Other teaching and learning resources

The KASCA dance framework breaks down the core components of the elements of movement & dance, dance artforms and dance practices into a series of lesson sequences. All lesson sequences come with ready-to-use differentiated learning and teaching resources and are available in an online format in this section and as an e-book (PDF 5.5 MB) that can be downloaded to your smart device.

The following websites may be useful resources for teachers of dance.

Ballet companies operates as a springboard to more than 3000 international dance and ballet websites including sites devoted to ballet companies, styles of dance, societies, choreographers, historical links and notable dancers.

The Dance Instruction Manual page on Renaissance dance traces the development of dance from the Renaissance to the 20th century with reference to the changes in style, steps and etiquette. Also included are several hyperlinks to additional sources and references.

Explore Dance is a web magazine that explores trends and important ideas which lie at the heart of dance. It contains a variety of resources including articles and photo essays of artists such as Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey.

Student guided online learning sequences to support learning from home or in the classroom.

Dance Program (DOCX 76 KB)

Students are guided in completing a short investigation and submitting a brief report and reflection


Further information and teaching support is available on NSW 7-10 dance Syllabus (2003).


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