Photographic and digital media 7–10

In photographic and digital media, students explore the world through artistic practice, conceptual knowledge, the frames, and technological procedures.

Stage 5 teaching programs and resources

New perspectives in art and technology

This digital resource package provides Stage 5 students with opportunities to investigate and interpret contemporary intersections between art, technology, storytelling, social change and collaboration by focusing on the practice of five Australian artists including:

  • Tamara Dean
  • r e a
  • Joan Ross
  • Alexia Sinclair
  • Lynette Wallworth.

A student-centred online unit that builds understanding of the importance of mise en scene in film-making and photography. Students will investigate the practice of classic filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and his influence on four contemporary photographers inspired by his practice. Students will demonstrate their understanding of mise en scene in their art historical and critical writing and their artmaking.

The KASCA photographic & digital media framework breaks down the core components of practice, conceptual framework and the frames into a series of lesson sequences. All lesson sequences come with ready-to-use differentiated learning and teaching resources and are available in an online format in the Lesson sequesnces and an e-book (PDF 986.38 KB) that can be downloaded to your smart device.


Information and teaching support is available on the NSW 7-10 photographic and digital media Syllabus (2004).


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