Sharing our facilities

The Department of Education encourages members of the community and education groups to use school facilities when these are not required by the school.

Schools are a community resource. Use of school facilities provides benefits through:

  • access to services to support families and communities
  • cooperation and goodwill between the school and the community
  • provision of extracurricular learning opportunities
  • access to state-of-the-art facilities
  • opportunities for parents and the broader community to become better informed and participate in the school's operation and activities
  • effective use of valuable school facilities
  • opportunities for the community to play a positive part in school security through out-of-hours use of the facilities.

Principals can only support use of school facilities where it does not impinge on school requirements and where the use is consistent with the Community Use of School Facilities policy.

This matrix summarises the work health and safety requirements (PDF 58.95KB) for different types of community use.

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