Outside of school hours care (OOSHC)

Approved outside schools hours care providers may apply to deliver before school, after school or vacation care on school sites.

A tender may be required to select a provider to establish a new or renew an existing OOSHC service licence, as summarised in the table below.

Service provider Tender required to establish a new service? Tender required to renew an existing service?
The school’s P&C Association/parent-run services



Other not-for-profit operators



For-profit operators



OOSHC service providers

OOSHC service providers must have regulatory approval to operate the service at the school.

Contact the Early Childhood Education Directorate which has regulatory responsibility for early education and care services in NSW.

The Network of Community Activities also provides support, training and resources for OOSHC providers.

OOSHC services in schools

The school principal must consult with the School Infrastructure NSW Asset Management Unit for advice and assistance when a new service is to be established or when an existing service agreement is due for renewal.

On behalf of the department, School Infrastructure NSW:

  • sets the licence fee in accordance with standard formulae applicable for each the category of provider
  • negotiates and signs the service licence, which is required before the service operates on the school site.

The licence gives the provider the right to occupy the site on which the service will be provided. A standard community use agreement must not be used in place of OOSHC licences under any circumstances.

See section 5.11 of the Sharing of School Facilities implementation procedures for more information.


  • Facilities, assets and equipment

Business Unit:

  • School Infrastructure NSW
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