Joint use of school facilities and land

The department welcomes partnerships with external organisations to develop or upgrade school facilities or land that can be mutually beneficial.

Joint use project

The department and other parties may agree to a joint use project involving a significant investment in the construction, upgrading or maintenance of facilities. Use of the asset is then typically shared between the school and the other parties over the lifetime of the asset.

An organisation, such as a local council or sports club, that wishes to enter into a Joint Use Project Agreement with a school should contact the school principal in the first instance.

Establishing a joint use project agreement

A principal who receives a proposal for a joint use project must refer the proposal to School Infrastructure NSW Asset Management unit.

Joint use project agreements may also be initiated by School Infrastructure NSW in consultation with the principal.

School Infrastructure NSW is responsible for evaluating the proposal and negotiating and preparing any subsequent agreement.

The principal is responsible for managing the facilities according to the joint use project agreement and for advising School Infrastructure NSW of any issues relating to the implementation of the agreement.

See section 5.7 of the Sharing of School Facilities implementation procedures for more information.


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Business Unit:

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