Advertising on the school perimeter

Principals may permit an external party to place advertising on the school perimeter for a fee paid to the school.

Advertising must not indicate or imply endorsement of an external party’s product or service by the school or the department.

The placement of advertising in classrooms or where advertising targets students is not permitted. Advertising on school digital signboards is not permitted.

Prospective advertisers should contact the principal for further information.

When approving advertising on school premises, the principal must be satisfied that:

  • all local government requirements, including any development approvals, have been met
  • the fee received by the school represents fair value
  • the product or service being advertised is appropriate for display on school property. For instance, signs that promote unhealthy food, tobacco, alcohol or gambling products are not appropriate.

An advertising agreement that is valued at up to $10,000 (excluding GST) is prepared and signed by the principal using the advertising on school perimeter contract template. School Infrastructure NSW prepares and approves agreements that exceed $10,000 (excluding GST) in value.

See section 5.3 of the Sharing of School Facilities implementation procedures for more information.


  • Facilities, assets and equipment

Business Unit:

  • School Infrastructure NSW
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