Student Results - Scores

What does the report provide?

The Student Results report provides student’s scaled scores for each NAPLAN domain, from 2023 onwards.

The report provides users with an overview of the potential needs of individual students, cohorts or class groups to support their learning.

School/Report Details Pane
  • Displays the enrolment school, cohort enrolment year (e.g. 2023), cohort enrolment scholastic year (e.g. Year 5), cohort assessment being viewed (e.g. NAPLAN 5) and the number of students who completed that assessment.
Student Scaled Score Table
  • Table data of individual student scores for all five domains.
  • Only students who participated in at least one NAPLAN domain are displayed in the report
  • Data from the table can be exported in Excel or a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for local analysis.

How to use this report

Use the slicers on the left side of the report to select a cohort and filter the data for further analysis:

  • What school were they enrolled in?
  • What year were they enrolled in? (eg. 2023)
  • What scholastic year? This is the year the student was in (eg. year 7) at your school
  • Which assessment? (NAPLAN 3, 5, 7 or 9)

Optionally, select a subset of students:

  • Aboriginality
  • Gender
  • EAL/D

Multirow cards

The blue multirow card displays a summary of your report information. To view all data, use the scroll bar on the right side, or select the Focus mode button to expand the table.

A screenshot of the blue multirow card on the Scout app, highlighting the Focus mode button and the scroll bar. A screenshot of the blue multirow card on the Scout app, highlighting the Focus mode button and the scroll bar.
Image: Using the scroll bar or selecting the Focus mode button on multirow cards

What should I look for?

Look for students whose performance on one domain of NAPLAN is vastly different from the other domains. While performance across domains is not directly comparable, large discrepancies can help teaching staff identify strengths and areas of need for students and flag areas where further investigation of student needs is required.

Where does this data come from?

NAPLAN, Student Enrolments.

How frequently is data updated?

Bi-annually, including the preliminary NAPLAN dataset and final NAPLAN dataset.


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