School Item Analysis - Writing

The School Item Analysis (Writing) report shows how the school has performed by writing criterion and compares this to the school’s SSSG and the state.

This report includes the Writing domain only. Other domains are on a separate report.

This report is available to school-based staff and network directors.

How will this report benefit me?

The School Item Analysis (Writing) report allows schools to analyse their NAPLAN performance in each criterion (also known as a rubric) and compares this to the SSSG and State performance in the same criterion. This can pinpoint strengths and/or gaps in the school’s teaching strategy; for example, the average school score may have been quite high for some criteria, indicating strength in the teaching of that skill.

What does the School Item Analysis (Writing) report provide?

This two-page report presents a chart on the first page and multiple tables on the second page.

Page 1 – Writing Table

Writing Analysis - School, SSSG and State

  • You must select only ONE criterion for this report to be meaningful
  • This table displays the score distribution for each criterion, e.g. “Audience”.
  • The score distribution for the school is compared to the SSSG and State.
  • Each criterion may have a different maximum score. All possible scores for each criterion are shown.
  • The question description, detailed expected outcome, the continuum and syllabus are included.
  • Links to the stimulus are provided.

Page 2 – Writing Chart

Writing Assessment – School Compared to SSSG and State by Criterion

  • This clustered column chart shows the score distribution for each criterion for the school, SSSG and state.
  • The x-axis displays the score.
  • The y-axis displays the % of students who obtained that score for the school, SSSG and state.
  • You must select a criterion for this report to be meaningful.

Use the slicers provided to filter and further analyse the data:

  • Executive Director Group
  • Network
  • School
  • Calendar Year
  • Assessment
  • Criterion
  • Gender
  • Aboriginal
  • EAL/D

How can I use the School Item Analysis - Writing report to support my school self-assessment?

This report can support schools in understanding the effectiveness of teaching strategies at the school level for the Writing domain. It will assist schools with the Assessment and Reporting, Student Performance Measures, Effective Classroom Practice and Data Skills and Use elements of the SEF.

What should I look for?

  • Writing criteria where there is a large difference in performance between the school and the SSSG/State. These may point to gaps in the teaching strategy for that writing rubric.
  • The latest three years of data are provided. This allows teachers to compare a student’s performance in one criterion with their performance in the previous NAPLAN assessment.

Where does this data come from?


How frequently is data updated?


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