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7 August 2019Talk moves are the tools used by teachers to support rich, meaningful classroom discussion in mathematics.
5 August 2019Mathematics building blocks for numeracy (mbb4n) has been revised to align with the National Numeracy Learning Progression and current research on effective pedagogies, assessment and differentiation. Course 1: Effective mathematics teaching for numeracy development is currently available in MyPL.
5 August 2019Sample Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 scope and sequences
3 July 2019 Year 12 suite of sample units, resources and assessment tasks released for Mathematics Advanced.
3 June 2019 NESA Official Notice: Reading times for 2019 HSC Mathematics Standard 1 and Mathematics Standard 2 exams
21 December 2018 Sample scope and sequences released for Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1
21 December 2018 Assessment tasks released for Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1

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