Music Extension

Music extension is to be studied alonside music 2. This course provides an opportunity for musically and academically talented students to continue to refine and develop their advanced musical knowledge and skills in performance, composition or musicology.

Music Extension is one of 3 Stage 6 music courses. This course is suitable for students who have had formal music training to a highly sophisticated level.

Sample assessment tasks

The samples below have been provided to assist in planning for and assessing Stage 6 music extension.

Assessment in the HSC

The Assessment in the HSC resource is designed to provide Stage 6 teachers with opportunities to develop their understanding of the assessment requirements for the practical and performance works in the HSC music 1, music 2 and music extension courses. It has been written to support and compliment the NESA Creative Arts Assessment and Reporting in Stage 6 music extension advice and requirements.

HSC music extension teachers can use this resource to:

  • familiarise themselves with the requirements of each practical and performance component
  • develop their understanding of the language of the NESA assessment criteria for each of the practical and performance works
  • develop confidence in applying assessment criteria through identification and analysis of work sample characteristics
  • assist Year 12 students in making informed choices when selecting course options
  • build student confidence and knowledge of success in each practical and performance work.

HSC resource

The Composition resource booklet (DOCX 1,019 KB) will assist teachers in the delivery of the composition elective for the Music Extension course. This resource includes student materials and teaching information unpacking course requirements, the composition process and portfolios.


The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Music Extension Stage 6 Syllabus (2009) contains the syllabus and helpful materials including a sample assessment schedule, HSC advice, specimen exams, HSC marking guidelines, standards materials, past papers additional support information.


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