Mobile pre-school contracts

This program is closed and not opened to new applicants.

Opt in fixed term contracts for mobile preschools recognise the costs and unique challenges of achieving universal access in rural and remote NSW.

Since January 2016 eligible mobile preschools have been offered opt in fixed term four year contracts.

Opt in fixed term contracts for mobile preschools aim to support the provision of sustainable and improved service delivery and recognise the additional costs and unique challenges associated with achieving universal access in rural and remote parts of NSW.

The contracts include a loading of up to $35,000 in recognition of the additional costs of providing mobile preschool services in addition to the Preschool Funding Model funding. The contracts also include the Preschools for Sustainable Communities funding, if applicable.

Mobile preschools on a fixed term mobile contract are excluded from Start Strong and will continue to receive funding as per the terms of the mobile contract.


Funding under opt in fixed term contracts for mobile preschools include:

  • Preschool Funding Model
  • a mobile loading, up to a maximum of $35,000
  • Preschools for Sustainable Communities funding, if applicable.

The amount is fixed for the term of the four year contract.

As with the Preschool Funding Model funding, the mobile loading is subject to both operational scaling and funding cap scaling.

Once the contract is established, the amount of funding is fixed for the duration of the four year contract. This provides mobile services with certainty of funding even if their enrolment or operational patterns go up or down during the period of the contract.

Mobile preschools on fixed term opt in contracts will have special implementation arrangements for Start Strong funding for non-equity three year olds and Start Strong equity funding for children with disability and additional needs.

Mobile preschools may also be eligible for additional funding initiatives that are available to community based preschools. This includes Community Grants, Quality Learning Environments, and Capital Works Grants. More information can be found here.


A mobile preschool must meet the following criteria to be considered for a mobile contract:

  1. Operate from multiple venues that are not purpose built centre based preschools or operate as a 'pack away' service at one venue
  2. Provide a preschool program designed by an early childhood teacher
  3. Have a minimum of five Preschool Funding Model funded children enrolled at each venue; four and five year old children in their year before school, and three year old children from Aboriginal or low income families
  4. Operate in areas where centre based preschools are not readily available, for example, rural/remote areas where no other preschool provision exists
  5. Hold the required service and provider approvals
  6. Have completed the Operational Support Program.

Ongoing requirements

If a mobile preschool is successful at receiving fixed funding they must:

  • develop, implement and report against a yearly business plan including how services will maintain or increase enrolments to avoid volatility and ensure family needs are met
  • deliver specific outputs, for example, inclusion of Preschool Funding Model funded children
  • participate in the annual preschool census.


Eligible services have until 31 December 2019 to apply for a mobile preschool contract.

Enquiries about applications should be directed to the Information and Enquiries team.



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Business Unit:

  • Early Childhood Outcomes
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