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About this report


Data Sources: Multiple – varies by target/benchmark

Updated: Varies by target/benchmark

Designed for

The Network Summary report is designed for Directors, Educational Leadership, and Executive Directors. The information displayed in each report will be specific to each respective user, i.e. school-based staff will only view results for their own school.


How can I use this report?

This report provides a high-level overview of schools in a selected network. The overall progress towards all targets/benchmarks for each school is available at a glance.

What should I look for?

The bars next to each school are marked with colours representing each progress status: below target/benchmark, close to the target, close to the benchmark, better than target/benchmark, or no target/benchmark set.

Image: Network Summary report example

Using the report

Select a network with the slicer

Use the drop-down on the left-hand side to select one or more networks. Clear your selection using the eraser icon at the top right of this section.

Image: Select a network using the slicer example

View the chart

The bar chart has the following features:

  • Each school in the selected network/s is displayed on its own row
  • The number of indicators forms the x-axis moving from left to right
  • The total count of indicators at each stage of progress is represented by colour and numeral
  • The legend of each colour is presented above each bar chart
Image: Network summary charts example

Hover for details

Hovering over any segment of a column will bring up a box of summary information:

Image: Hover for information example

Highlight specific information

The chart is interactive to allow users to focus on information of interest:

  • Clicking a segment will highlight it and dim all other segments.
  • Multiple highlights can be selected by holding control (ctrl) while clicking.
  • Clicking a coloured circle or definition from the legend will highlight all similar indicators.
Image: Highlighting example

Export the results

The information from this report can be exported easily. Hover over a chart or table and select the ‘More options’ ellipsis icon once it appears. Then select ‘Export data’.

This will bring a confirmation box to download the current names in the table as a spreadsheet for editing and printing.

Image: Exporting data example

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