Clause 31: assistance to employees stationed in a remote area when travelling on recreation leave

31.1 An employee who:

31.1.1 Is indefinitely stationed in a remote area of the State of New South Wales situated to the west of the 144th meridian of longitude or such other area to the west of the 145th meridian of longitude as determined by the Secretary; and

31.1.2 Proceeds on recreation leave to any place which is at least 480 kilometres by the nearest practicable route from the employee's work location in that area,

must be paid an allowance once in any period of 12 months at the appropriate rate shown in Item 7 in Table 2 of Schedule 2, Part B for the additional costs of travel.

31.2 Dependant in this clause has the same meaning as subclause 30.4 of clause 30, Allowance for Living in a Remote Area of this award.

31.3 Allowances under this clause do not apply to employees who have less than three years’ service and who, at the date of engagement, were resident in the defined area.

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