Clause 22: deduction of association membership fees

22.1 The Association shall provide the Department with a schedule setting out union fortnightly membership fees payable by members of the Association in accordance with the Association’s rules.

22.2 The Association shall advise the Department of any change to the amount of fortnightly membership fees made under its rules. Any variation to the schedule of union fortnightly membership fees payable shall be provided to the Department at least one month in advance of the variation taking effect.

22.3 Subject to subclauses 22.1 and 22.2 of this clause, the Department shall deduct union fortnightly membership fees from the pay of any employee who is a member of the Association in accordance with the Association’s rules, provided that the employee has authorised the Department to make such deductions.

22.4 Monies so deducted from employees’ pay will be forwarded regularly to the Association together with all necessary information to enable the Association to reconcile and credit subscriptions to employees’ union membership accounts.

22.5 Unless other arrangements are agreed to by the Department and the Association, all Association membership fees shall be deducted on a fortnightly basis.

22.6 Where an employee has already authorised the deduction of Association membership fees from his or her pay prior to this clause taking effect, nothing in this clause shall be read as requiring the employee to make a fresh authorisation in order for such deductions to continue.

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