Clause 17.3: extended leave

17.3.1 A permanent or long-term employee is entitled to extended leave of 44 working days on full pay after completing 10 years of service and a further 11 working days for each completed year of service after 10 years.

17.3.2 Payment for extended leave for permanent employees is calculated using the hourly rates designated in Schedule 1 multiplied by a factor of 1.058.

17.3.3 Part-time permanent and long-term temporary employees receive a pro rata proportion of the full-time entitlement.

17.3.4 Permanent and long term temporary employees with 7 years or more service are entitled to take (or be paid out on resignation) extended leave. The amount of leave available is that which would have applied if pro rata leave was granted.

17.3.5 Public holidays that fall whilst a permanent or long term temporary employee is on a period of extended leave are paid and not debited from an employee’s leave entitlement.

17.3.6 Permanent and long term temporary employees with an entitlement to extended leave may elect to take leave at double pay.

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