Clause 17.12: sick leave - other than workers compensation

17.12.1 If the circumstances of any injury to or illness of a permanent or long-term temporary employee give rise to a claim for damages or to compensation, other than compensation under the Workers Compensation Act 1987, sick leave on full pay may, subject to and in accordance with this clause, be granted to the employee on completion of an acceptable undertaking that:

(i) any such claim, if made, will include a claim for the value of any period of paid sick leave granted by the Department to the employee; and

(ii) in the event that the employee receives or recovers damages or compensation pursuant to that claim for loss of salary or wages during any such period of sick leave, the employee will repay to the Department the monetary value of any such period of sick leave.

17.12.2 Sick leave on full pay must not be granted to a permanent or long-term temporary employee who refuses or fails to complete an undertaking, except in cases where the Secretary is satisfied that the refusal or failure is unavoidable.

17.12.3 On repayment to the Department of the monetary value of sick leave granted to the employee, sick leave equivalent to that repayment and calculated at the employee’s ordinary rate of pay must be restored to the credit of the employee.

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