Clause 17.10: sick leave - requirements for medical certificate

17.10.1 A permanent or long-term temporary employee absent from duty for more than two consecutive working days because of illness must furnish evidence of illness to the Secretary in respect of the absence.

17.10.2 In addition to the requirements under sub-clause 17.9.2, an employee may absent themselves for a total of five working days due to illness without the provision of evidence of illness to the Secretary. Employees who absent themselves in excess of five working days in a calendar year may be required to furnish evidence of illness to the Secretary for each occasion absent for the balance of the calendar year.

17.10.3 As a general practice, backdated medical certificates will not be accepted. However, if an employee provides evidence of illness that only covers the latter part of the absence, they can be granted sick leave for the whole period if the Secretary is satisfied that the reason for the absence is genuine.

17.10.4 If an employee is required to provide evidence of illness for an absence of two consecutive working days or less, the Secretary will advise them in advance.

17.10.5 If the Secretary is concerned about the diagnosis described in the evidence of illness produced by the employee, after discussion with the employee, the evidence provided and the employee’s application for leave can be referred to the Department’s nominated medical assessor for advice.

(i) The type of leave granted to the employee will be determined by the Secretary based on the advice of the Government or other approved medical assessor.

(ii) If sick leave is not granted, the Secretary will, as far as practicable, take into account the wishes of the employee when determining the type of leave granted.

17.10.6 The granting of paid sick leave is subject to the employee providing evidence which indicates the nature of the illness or injury and the estimated duration of the absence. If an employee is concerned about disclosing the nature of the illness to their principal they may elect to have the application for sick leave dealt with confidentially by an alternate supervisor or the human resources section of the Department.

17.10.7 The reference in this subclause to evidence of illness applies, as appropriate:

(i) up to one week may be provided by a registered dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon or, at the Secretary's discretion, another registered health services provider; or

(ii) where the absence exceeds one week and, unless the health provider listed in (i) above is also a registered medical practitioner, applications for any further sick leave must be supported by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner; or

(iii) at the Secretary’s discretion, other forms of evidence that satisfy that an employee had a genuine illness.

17.10.8 If a permanent or long-term temporary employee who is absent on recreation or extended leave furnishes to the Secretary a satisfactory medical certificate in respect of an illness which occurred during the leave, the Secretary may grant sick leave to the employee if the period set out in the medical certificate is five working days or more.

17.10.9 Paragraph 17.10.7 of this subclause applies to all permanent or long-term temporary employees other than those on leave prior to resignation or termination of services, unless the resignation or termination of services amounts to a retirement.

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