Clause 18: leave for matters arising from domestic violence

18.1 The definition of domestic violence is found in clause 2.9, Definitions, of this award;

18.2 Leave entitlements provided for in sub clause 17.4 Family and Community Service Leave, 17.7, Personal Carers Leave, and 17.9, Sick Leave, may be used by an employee experiencing domestic violence;

18.3 Where the leave entitlements referred to in subclause 18.2 are exhausted, the Secretary must grant Special Leave as per clause 17.14.11;

18.4 The Secretary will need to be satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that domestic violence has occurred and may require proof presented in the form of an agreed document issued by the Police Force, a Court, a Doctor, a Domestic Violence Support Service or Lawyer;

18.5 Personal information concerning domestic violence will be kept confidential by the agency;

18.6 The Secretary, where appropriate, may facilitate flexible working arrangements subject to operational requirements, including changes to working times and changes to work location, telephone number and email address.

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