Clause 17.6: military leave

17.6.1 During the period of 12 months commencing on 1 July each year, the Secretary may grant to a permanent or long-term temporary employee who is a volunteer part-time member of the Defence Forces, military leave on full pay to undertake compulsory annual training and to attend schools, classes or courses of instruction conducted by the employee’s unit.

17.6.2 In accordance with the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 (Cth), it is unlawful to prevent an employee from rendering or volunteering to render, ordinary Defence Reserve Service.

17.6.3 Up to 24 working days' military leave per financial year may be granted by the Secretary to members of the Naval and Military Reserves and up to 28 working days per financial year to members of the Air Force Reserve for the activities specified in paragraph 17.6.1 of this subclause.

17.6.4 The Secretary may grant an employee special leave of up to 1 day to attend medical examinations and tests required for acceptance as volunteer part time members of the Australian Defence Forces.

17.6.5 An employee who is requested by the Australian Defence Forces to provide additional military services requiring leave in excess of the entitlement specified in subclause 17.6.3 of this clause may be granted Military Leave Top up Pay by the Secretary.

17.6.6 Military Leave Top up Pay is calculated as the difference between an employee’s ordinary pay as if they had been at work, and the Reservist’s pay which they receive from the Commonwealth Department of Defence.

17.6.7 During a period of Military Leave Top up Pay, an employee will continue to accrue sick leave, recreation and extended leave entitlements, and Departments are to continue to make superannuation contributions at the normal rate.

17.6.8 At the expiration of military leave, the employee must furnish to the principal a certificate of attendance signed by the commanding officer or other responsible officer.

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