Clause 17.2: annual leave loading

17.2.1 A permanent or long-term temporary employee is entitled to payment of an annual leave loading of 17½ per cent on the monetary value of up to four weeks' recreation leave accrued in a leave year, subject to the provisions set out in paragraphs 17.2.2 to 17.2.7 of this subclause.

17.2.2 For the calculation of the annual leave loading, the leave year commences on 1 December each year and ends on 30 November of the following year.

17.2.3 In the case of a permanent or long-term temporary employee with less than twelve months service as at 30 November, entitlement is calculated on a pro rata basis.

17.2.4 Where additional leave is accrued by a permanent or long-term temporary employee stationed in an area of the State of New South Wales which attracts a higher rate of annual leave accrual, the annual leave loading will continue to be paid on a maximum of four weeks' leave.

17.2.5 Payment of the annual leave loading is made on the recreation leave accrued during the previous leave year.

17.2.6 Except in cases of voluntary redundancy proportionate leave loading is not payable on cessation of employment.

17.2.7 Payment occurs in the next pay period ending on or after 1 December.

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