Clause 13: higher duties allowance

13.1 A permanent or long-term temporary employee who is directed to carry out a period of relief in a higher position for a period of five consecutive days or more must be paid a higher duties allowance subject to:

13.1.1 satisfactory performance of the whole of the duties and assuming the whole of the responsibilities which would ordinarily be performed and assumed by the employee appointed to that position; and

13.1.2 the allowance paid will be the difference between the present rate of pay of the employee and the rate of pay to which they would have been entitled if appointed to that position; or

13.1.3 where the employee does not assume the whole of the duties and responsibilities of the position, the amount of any allowance will be determined by the principal as a proportion of the duties and responsibilities which are satisfactorily undertaken.

13.2 Employees who have relieved continuously for 12 calendar months or more, inclusive of school vacation periods, in the same higher-graded position are eligible for the payment of higher duties allowance for any leave which is taken during the ongoing period of relief.

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