Walking to school safely

Never too old to be safe

Pedestrians and drivers have a shared responsibility on and near roads and need to look after each other.

Staying safe while out walking

  • plan your walking routes
  • avoid busy roads, if possible
  • choose a place to cross the road where you can clearly see it is safe to cross
  • walk the extra distance to use a pedestrian crossing, traffic island, pedestrian lights or overhead bridge, if available
  • walk on the far right-hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic, when there is no footpath.

Before you cross the road:

  • unplug your earphones and put away your phone
  • avoid crossing between parked cars or at the front or back of buses and large vehicles
  • at intersections, check for turning vehicles before you leave the kerb
  • look out before you step out.

Using pedestrians crossings

  • stop at the kerb until cars have completely stopped, as drivers don't always see you
  • try and make eye contact with the driver before you cross, so you know they have seen you
  • when safe, promptly walk across the road, continually scanning and listening for oncoming traffic.

Walking with friends

Help keep yourself and your friend safe by:

  • focusing on your surroundings
  • acting safely on and near roads.

Download the Walking to School Safely pdf to share with your school community

More information

Visit Centre for Road Safety for more information.

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