Starting high school safely

Never too old to be safe

Starting high school is exciting and can mean lots of new experiences, like how you travel to and from school. As an independent traveller you're never too old to be safe.

Being newly independent means

  • taking more responsibility and learning how to manage your own safety as well as looking out for others
  • focusing on what is happening around you
  • not rushing to cross the road, catch a bus or train as that's when unsafe decisions can be made
  • always removing your headphones and putting your phone away when crossing the road
  • practising how to use a timetable and public transport, if it's new to you.

Plan and practise walking routes

  • identifying safe places to cross
  • look out before you step out
  • use crossings and footpaths, where possible
  • if no footpath is available, face oncoming traffic and walk as far away from the edge of the road as possible
  • watch out for vehicles entering or leaving driveways, and for cars reversing in car parks
  • avoid heavy traffic areas, if possible.

Have another plan

Discuss with your parents or carer.

  • what to do when you're running late, miss the bus or train, lose your travel pass, feel unsafe travelling to and from school, or it's wet weather.
  • practice a few excuses you could use if encouraged by others to act unsafely. e.g. I'm not going to do that. If my parents found out I'd be grounded.?

Download the Starting high school safely pdf


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