Safety on public transport

Never too old to be safe

Everyone who uses public transport has a right and responsibility to travel safely.

My safety when travelling by bus, train or light rail is to:

  • always stand well away from the kerb or edge of the platform when waiting
  • stand clear of all doorways
  • keep all parts of your body inside the bus, train or light rail
  • wait till the bus, train or light rail has fully stopped before you get off.

Plan and practise walking routes:

  • remove headphones and put all mobile devices away to focus on what’s happening around you
  • wait till the bus, train or light rail has gone, then find a safe place to cross the road or
  • use pedestrian crossings, overpasses or underpasses, if available
  • walk bikes, skateboards and scooters across pedestrian crossings and tracks
  • look out before you step out.

My responsibilities as a passenger are to:

  • stand back to let other passengers get off before I get on
  • carry a valid travel pass and proof of entitlement when travelling on a student fare
  • be courteous and respectable to others
  • offer to give up my seat to others who need it
  • be mindful of others - sit and speak quietly
  • use headphones with your electronic devices
  • keep belongings at my feet or on my lap
  • speak to the driver only when the bus has stopped
  • carry my school bag by the handles or put it on the floor.

Download the Safety on public transport pdf to share with your school community.

More information

Visit Transport for NSW for more information.


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