Becoming mathematicians – Flexible multiplicative thinking

Explore, expand and zoom into the critical components, or “molecules”, in the development of students' knowledge and understanding in multiplicative thinking, including thinking flexibly about numbers and units, thinking flexibly about the operations, using benchmarks and using foundational facts.


This bite-size course is for all K-8 staff wishing to learn about flexible multiplicative thinking.

The video is about 42 minutes long. You might like to watch it on your own or with your colleagues. It is recommended to allocate at least 1.5 hours to access the video and supporting resources through MyPL, which include

  • a prior support document, outlining opportunities to pause, reflect and play with key mathematical ideas
  • a K-8 support document outlining some follow-up ideas and resources to support multiplicative thinking
  • a printable poster containing the “molecules” inside multiplicative thinking
  • a multiplicative situations printable resource.

Mode of delivery

Becoming mathematicians: Flexible multiplicative thinking is available through MyPL.

Additional professional learning

Flexible multiplicative thinking is a part of the Becoming Mathematicians bite-size on-demand professional learning series. These are short, focused mathematical videos and resources that explore important mathematical concepts from K-8. They are designed to be completed in one session with suggested opportunities to further explore ideas in practice.

These include:

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