Stage 3 reading - Literary devices

Learning intention

Students will learn to identify literary devices in texts and analyse their effect. Students will explore simile, alliteration, metaphor and personification.

Syllabus outcome

  • EN3-RECOM-01: fluently reads and comprehends texts for wide purposes, analysing text structures and language, and by monitoring comprehension

National Literacy Learning Progression

Understanding texts

  • UnT8: reads and views some moderately complex texts (see Text Complexity) (comprehension); draws inferences and verifies using text evidence (comprehension); analyses the effect of antonyms, synonyms and idiomatic language (vocabulary)

  • UnT9: distils information from a number of texts according to task and purpose (e.g. uses graphic organisers) (comprehension); analyses the use of language appropriate to different types of texts (e.g. compare the use of pun in imaginative and persuasive texts) (comprehension); identifies language used to create tone or atmosphere (vocabulary)

  • UnT10: applies and articulates criteria to evaluate the language structures and features for relevance to purpose and audience (comprehension); explains how context (e.g. time, place, situation) influences interpretations of a text (comprehension)

NAPLAN item descriptors

The relevant NAPLAN item descriptors are included in the resource, available for download on this page..

Task outline

Full task descriptions are included in the resource, available for download on this page.


Students learn how to identify onomatopoeia and impacts tone and explore its impact in a text.

Analogy and simile

Students explore and create similes using information presented on various characters.


Students identify and create personification examples.


Students explore and analyse metaphors.


Students research the background to idioms to add context and build understanding.


Students learn how to identify imagery in texts and its impact on meaning.

Identifying literary devices

Students learn how simile, alliteration and assonance, metaphor, personification, metaphor and idiom add to the impact of a text.


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