Student Pathways Plan

The Student Pathways Plan (SPP) enables students to identify essential career self-management actions and planning skills.

The program utilises student voice to inform individual career conversation. The evidence-based data allows students to analyse their responses and provides guidance on accessing career advice.

School staff can view student responses to assist students with career development.

Project: Student survey animated video

For more information, please visit:

Student access - Students to log into their DoE Student Portal.

School access - Schools access student responses via the Staff Portal.

Download teacher's handbook - Student pathways plan teacher's handbook.pdf (PDF 2,121 KB)

Map of Student Pathways Plan Participants 2020-2022
Year Number of student participants
2020 6631
2021 6178
2022 5852


  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Education and Skills Reform
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