We have 100 government department preschools offering programs for children the year before Kindergarten. A limited number of distance education schools offer preschool programs and 11 preschools cater specifically for Aboriginal children.

Learning at preschool

There is an early childhood trained teacher and School Learning Support Officer in each preschool class. Teachers plan educational programs to nurture a child's self esteem, wellbeing and development.

A preschool program is designed to stimulate children's skills in:

  • thinking
  • communicating
  • investigating
  • exploring
  • problem-solving.

Your child is also encouraged to join in physical activities and develop good health and safety habits.

Programs include play-based activities that help children learn how to interact positively with other children and to recognise and accept their own feelings and those of others. They also develop early language, literacy and numeracy skills.

Generally preschools operate during school hours but attendance patterns are determined by the needs of the local community.

Further information

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