Schools for specific purposes

The department provides specialist support classes, as well as schools for specific purposes (SSPs) to cater for students who have special learning needs.

SSPs provide intensive levels of support in a specialised educational setting. Classes in SSPs are similar to the range of classes in other schools. A range of support services, depending on the needs of the students, are also provided. Learning support plans are collaboratively developed, implemented and monitored.

Specialist support classes are only available in some of our schools. Discuss options with the principal of your local school if your child has special learning needs.

For more information on enrolment in SSPs and special support classes visit:

For assistance with special learning needs, you can:

Hospital schools

Hospital schools are SSPs providing educational services for students who are inpatients in large NSW hospitals. They assist students by:

  • providing educational activities for short-term patients
  • developing personalised learning plans for long-term patients – in collaboration with the home school – to assist the return to school after hospitalisation.
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