Selective high schools – Years 8 to 12 applications

The application process for placement in selective high schools for Years 8 to 12 is different from that for Year 7 entry. Individual schools manage their vacancies, assessments, placement processes and reserve lists (where available) for Years 8 to 12 entry at their school.


Some vacancies at selective high schools in Years 8 to 12 may become available. Usually, this depends on the number of students who have left the school.

Each school is different, some may:

  • have no vacancies in some years
  • create reserve lists in case of future vacancies
  • establish additional places in some years.

Contact individual selective high schools for further information about availability.

Placement stages

Year 8–11


June to

Same year


Check with schools

Same year


September to October

Key dates

Check the dates below for the key application stages and their timing.

There may be changes to these dates and procedures, so please check back regularly for any updates.

Application process

Applications are open between late June and late July each year for placement starting in Years 8 to 12 the following year (see Key Dates above).

Check with each individual school for their student assessment requirements.

Submitting your application(s)

You can apply to up to 3 schools. Please submit a separate application form to each school.

  1. Go to the website of each selective high school you want to apply to and:
    • check if they use an online application form or the form in the link below.
    • check for any specific application requirements or documentation you need to submit (for example, student birth certificate or passport).
  2. When completing each school application form, list your chosen schools in the same order of priority (if applying to more than one school).
  3. Return the completed form to each school you are applying to, either by email or hardcopy, by the due date.

The application form link below will be active when applications are open.

Important: Not all schools use this application form. First check the school's website to confirm what application form they accept.

Student assessments

The schools will confirm that they have received your application and will send you information about any assessments your child will need to do.

Some schools ask students to take a test and some may charge a fee to sit the test. Please check with the school if you have any questions.

A student's current courses may be taken into consideration by the school's selection committee. Check to see what courses the school offers as these may be different from your child's current school.

Interstate or overseas applicants

If you have applied from interstate or overseas, please contact the school to find out if it is possible for your child to be assessed in the same way as other applicants.

Your child must meet the residency requirements to enrol at a selective high school:

  • Students and their families must be living in NSW by the beginning of the school year of entry.
  • Conditions may apply to students who are not citizens or permanent residents of Australia or citizens of New Zealand. Review the conditions at Visa subclasses and enrolment conditions.

Can I automatically transfer from one selective high school to another?

No. Students cannot automatically transfer between selective high schools. If a student wishes to change from one selective high school to another, a new application must be made through the Years 8 to 12 placement process.

Can my child repeat a year?

Any requests to repeat a school year should be discussed with the principal prior to submitting your application.

Can I apply across multiple years?

If unsuccessful in one year, parents can apply for placement in subsequent years when applications are open.

Need more help?

Please contact the schools you are applying to if you need to change any application information, ask questions about their placement processes, or for any other help.


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