The Selective Education Unit will use your answers in this section to assess your child's eligibility for adjustments so they can have fair access to sit the test.

The information you provide about your child's disability or medical condition cannot be used to restrict their access to placement in any way.

Information privacy

The department collects information about applicants and their children to process and assess their application. This includes health information about students to meet our obligations under legislation and to provide appropriate support, such as providing reasonable adjustments for students with disability to sit the placement test.

Any information provided to the department will be collected, used, disclosed and stored in accordance with the NSW privacy laws (the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act (NSW)).

Please refer to the full Privacy Notice within the application website for more information.

What are reasonable adjustments?

Reasonable adjustments are practical arrangements made for students with disability so that they can access the test on the same basis as students without disability.

Providing students with reasonable adjustments complies with the Disability Standards for Education 2005.

What you need to tell us

Please tell us if your child:

  • has a disability
  • has a medical condition(s)
  • has a behavioural condition(s)
  • has a recent injury that could affect test performance
  • takes medication(s).

Why telling us this information is important

Telling us about your child's support needs helps us to:

  • provide them with fair access to sit the test
  • protect their health and wellbeing, and the health and wellbeing of other students, when sitting the test.

If your child has adjustments at school because of their disability or medical conditions, similar adjustments can be made for the test.

If your child needs a reasonable adjustment to sit the test, you need tell us why and upload supporting evidence as soon as possible in your application. The processing of any requests for reasonable adjustments received after the application closing date cannot be guaranteed.

How to answer this section

If your child has a disability, medical or behavioural condition, injury or needs reasonable adjustments:

  1. Select 'Yes' if your child has a disability, medical or behavioural condition or injury.
  2. Select your child's disability, medical or behavioural condition(s) from the list (select all that apply). If it is not listed, provide details in the 'Other' field.
  3. Select ‘Yes’ if your child needs adjustments for the test. Describe the adjustments in detail. For example, if requesting large print test papers include font size. Also let the Selective Education Unit know if your child's disability or condition may disturb other students at the test centre so that a separate test room can be organised.

    (This question is not displayed if you live interstate or overseas and you are not able to travel to NSW for the test.)
  4. Attach evidence of your child's disability and the adjustments needed. Your supporting evidence should be uploaded as soon as possible in your application. The processing of any requests for reasonable adjustments received after the application closing date cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Select 'Save & continue'.

Examples reasonable adjustments

  • large print or coloured test papers (see Font and paper sizes below)
  • wheelchair access
  • medical equipment
  • specific seating
  • noise-reducing earphones
  • bringing medications.

These are just a few examples of adjustments. We suggest requesting the adjustments that your child has at school for assessments such as NAPLAN.

Font and paper sizes

The question papers and answer sheets for the test are printed in Arial font in size N12 (size 12 font).

For students requiring large print and/or enlarged papers, the following options are available in Arial font:

  • Size 18 (A4 paper)
  • Size 24 (A4 paper)
  • Size 24 (A3 paper)
  • Size 36 (A3 paper)

Does your child have an allergy and are they at risk of Anaphylaxis?

A person trained in anaphylaxis response will be present at each test centre.

Parents of students with anaphylaxis must give an anaphylaxis kit to the test administrator before the test starts.

Parents will be sent information about the anaphylaxis kit well before the test day.

Screenshot image of the Reasonable adjustments page

Example screenshot Example screenshot
Image: Screenshot from the Reasonable adjustments page in the application site. Note that more conditions are listed on the site.

What happens next?

After you have uploaded all your supporting evidence, your request will be reviewed by the Selective Education Unit. The Unit may also consider any adjustments already being provided at your child's school. Once the review is complete, the Unit will contact you about the outcome or the next steps for organising any adjustments.

Placement support for students with disability

What you tell us in this section might also be used by to check if your child is eligible for a placement offer under the Equity Placement Model.

Learn more at Fair access.

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